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Water Therapy


Water Therapy 

Water is the element of constant movement, swirling inside each of us and holding on to its mystery. This is the element of conception and death, of illusions and fairytales, holding the secret to our Soul - its beginning and its end. Water holds it all: emotions, memories, traumas, past, future, and the present….Water is the purest reminder for our Souls of who we are.

In the element of Water we literally deal with matters of life and death, of our genetic inheritance and all of our ancestors. This is also the element of emotions. Our body contains around 60-70% water and our emotions have already been lived and written inside our inner water or it was lived through by someone in our family of origins, and they are passed on from generation to generation.

All the knowledge of us and the earth is hidden in the memory of water. We can connect again with this water inside us through wataflow (water therapy).

Wataflow is short for Water and Tantra, a profound water therapy that brings you into deeper healing and transformation of your sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, the sensual and subtle, your emotions, and your ancestors.

Water invites to surrender, to observe without judgement, just like in a meditation. Every person and every session are unique, every story made according to body and emotion. One session can be a very powerful experience, more treatments can lead the receiver to letting go of old unnecessary and sometimes unknown blockages. Moving the body into a fluid space gives it the possibility to stretch very deeply, bringing clarity and transparency to our mind. The flow of the water can lead to a deep meditative state, a journey to our essence of light, a path of self-discovery.

It is a journey to come back home - to the mother womb, where everything started. Being born again requires surrender, trust and letting go, that is, the death of something. When you let something go, the soul becomes free….and the new journey starts. Time to Re-birth.

If you feel water is calling you, trust your Soul and answer the call because the magic is awaiting you.

Answer the Call from Water 

Session takes around 1,5 hour

1 session: 120€,
3 sessions: 280€

How looks the session:

1. First part is meditation, breath work, and setting your intention. 

Surrender, let go and trust is needed for the healing process.

2. Second part in the water, above and below, letting the water show you the way to releasing, transforming, and healing. 

3. Third part is grounding, to come back from the spiritual water world to the sacred land of Erath. Through grounding practice happens a lot of healing processes in the physical, emotional, and energy body. 

With the help of ancestors, guides, and healers we dive deeper within to understand better ourselves and heal collectively the world. 

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Session takes around 1,5 hour

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