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My Story

“My mission in this lifetime is to share the life-changing ancient knowledge of Yoga with those who are seeking self-discovery, transformation, healing, and growth.”


Who am I?

I would like to introduce myself as a human being of this beautiful planet which is my lovely home. I am a Child of the entire Universe like all of us. I am a student of the best University of Life. My purpose is very simple just to live a life!!!! Not tomorrow and not yesterday but NOW!!!!!!


Or in other words, I could say I am a passionate traveler, Nature lover, and Yogini. I was born and grew up in a tiny country called Lithuania, but my heart found a home in Turkey and my soul feels a big desire to keep returning to India. Probably I can say my free spirit doesn't fully belong to one place, all the world is my home.


My name is Eglė Tamašauskaitė.

Eglė - a traditional Lithuanian name meaning Pine tree.  I feel really connected with trees, so maybe this is the reason.  Nowadays a lot of people call me Eagle and I can say some days I feel like a real eagle, flying high in endless horizons. I didn’t choose this name. Like a lot of things in my life, it just came to me through all my travels and life in Turkey. Naturally, this name stuck with me, and the reason is simple,... nobody could pronounce my name and they had no chance at all for my surname. This is how the Eagle landed into my life.




I am a traveler in the full meaning of this word. Not just exploring this world but traveling through this wonderful life too. I am all the time open to adventure. Maybe some people will say ”she is nuts” but I would say it is the taste of life. I travel not just to see new places but to improve myself, to grow, to learn, to meet new people and cultures, to inspire and be inspired. Traveling turned into my biggest love, my passionate desire, a never-ending adventure. It became a big part of me.


Traveling was one of the reasons I returned to Yoga.  
Starting from the beginning I first met Yoga when I was 18. I believe in life everything happens for a reason. Probably at that moment, I needed Yoga, but I didn’t understand it yet. Being an ambitious, stubborn young girl, and having big goals in life…… the goals which weren’t mine, but more those of society’s influence, I was supposed to become an architect and a businesswoman. Thanks to circumstances, now I am a Director of my life and it is the best realization ever. 

I can’t say formal education didn’t teach me anything, but it definitely burnt-out my soul. There was no place for Yoga, just endless lists of what to do, keep running all over the places and forgetting myself completely. Then Turkey came into my life. It felt like the best escape from this busy, stressful life I lived. The moment I thought I had found the place in the sunshine and the life I wanted…… darkness arrived. 



Sometimes you need to get into the darkness to find the light again. Now I am so grateful for these darkest moments of my life. I needed to break, …. to come back to myself, ….to be who I am now. All my life experiences shaped me and led to this magical journey. 

There is saying: “Stars can’t shine without Darkness.” It was dealing with depression, family and relationship issues and difficult life moments that helped me discover the huge healing powers to the body, mind, and soul. Yoga became the best medicine to enjoy life again, and find inner happiness, joy, and Love. Meditation led me to understand that life is like breathing. It comes and goes, whatever is happening.
The power of life is in this present moment. Don’t waste it, live it fully.

Trust yourself


Now I have the privilege of being a teacher. Thanks to life situations, I was able to become certified 200HR Hatha and Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher trained in Akshi Yogashala India.   I also trained as a certified Kids and Family Yoga teacher by "YOGA&KIDS" in Bucharest, Romania.

Remember I mentioned in beginning I believe in that life everything happens for a reason? I needed to go through all of this to learn my Life lessons and be able to share my experiences, knowledge, and Light with others. Most importantly, I can do what I love every day. 


I began my journey of self-discovery, of spiritual wanderings in this unique world to find out about myself. To understand who I am. 
I am returning to nature and my roots, … seeking harmony with my body, mind, and soul. 
Yoga, meditation, natural remedies, recyclable-eco stuff, art, Love, Peace, new destinations and cultures, adventures, coffee, books, dramas, craziness and a lot more, I want to share with you.
I want to inspire others with my experiences, not only about yoga, meditation, and travel, but also opening people’s eyes to something beyond the rat-race, and that they have options other than they are led to believe.

Love and Light
“Yoga with Eagle”

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