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 Purchase & Sale Agreement


  1. Seller - "Yoga with Eagle" is a personal company operating in Turkey. Business Model - Yoga education. Legal Company Title:  EGLE TAMASAUSKAITE, Company Representative's Identity Number: 99259387642, Tax Number: 8170343595. Company Addres: ÖLÜDENİZ MAH. 133. SK. NO: 5 İÇ KAPI NO: 1 FETHİYE/ MUĞLA, which goods and services are sold on the website and which is responsible for the administration of the order submitted by the Buyer.

  2. Buyer - a capable individual (i.e. a person who has reached the age of majority and whose capacity is not restricted by court order) or a legal person who purchases goods and services on the website

  3. Parties - Buyer and Seller together;

  4. The Rules are these “Purchase-Sale Rules”, which apply to each purchase of the Buyer on the website and to the Purchase-Sale Agreement concluded between the Parties.

  5. Account - the result of the Buyer's registration on the website, which results in the creation of the Buyer's personal account, which protects his personal data and order history.

  6. Website - website ;

  7. Training Website - a platform administered by the Customer, where the Seller hosts the distance learning and training-related information purchased by the Buyer and carries out training and other sales of training-related services and goods to the Buyers.

  8. Training - A lecture, presentation, seminar, or another form of educational activity acquired by the Buyer and which takes place live and/or live on the Internet and/or in a pre-recorded video.

  9. Agreement - a purchase and sale agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller, which is considered concluded from the confirmation of the order, it means, the moment of payment of the order.


  1. Before placing an order, the Buyer must check the box and confirm that he\she is familiar with the Purchase and Sale agreement. The Rules approved in this way are a binding legal document for the Parties, which sets out the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller, the conditions for purchasing and paying for goods or services, the refund procedure, liability of the parties, and other conditions related to purchasing and sale on website

  2. At the time of purchase, there is no possible situation where the Buyer agrees and undertakes to comply with the Rules with certain exceptions. If the Buyer has any remarks or wishes to behave differently than specified in the Rules, we must obtain the prior written consent of the Seller or wait until these Rules are amended or supplemented accordingly.

  3. The Seller has the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules. The amended Rules are published on the website. All amendments to the Rules shall enter into force from the moment of their publication unless a later date for the entry into force of the amendments to the Rules is clearly and unambiguously indicated.

  4. The Buyer must read the Seller's Privacy Policy published on the training website The processing of the Buyer's personal data is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation and the Privacy Policy published on the Training Website.

  5. If the Seller has the right or obligation to provide the Buyer with information or documents by e-mail, in all cases the Buyer is responsible for providing the Seller with a valid e-mail address belonging to the Buyer.


  1. When ordering goods and services on the training website, the Buyer must indicate in the information fields provided in the system his personal data necessary for the proper fulfillment of the order of goods and services, which are processed by the Seller in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  2. When the Buyer, having selected the purchased product or service, completes all the steps of the order and submits the order, it is considered that a legal relationship of sale and purchase has been established between the Seller and the Buyer and a purchase and sale agreement has been concluded. The Buyer shall be informed about the confirmation of payment by submitting notification by the e-mail specified by the Buyer and in the Internet browser.

  3. Each Buyer's order is stored in the Seller's database in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


  1. The Buyer has the right to purchase goods and services on the website in accordance with the procedure established in the Rules.

  2. The Buyer has the right to cancel the order and terminate the Agreement in accordance with the Rules.

  3. By using the Website, the Buyer must fulfill its obligations, comply with these Rules, the Privacy Policy, and not violate the legal acts of the Republic of Turkey.

  4. By concluding the Purchase Agreement and choosing a partial payment, the Buyer undertakes to cover the remaining payments no later than within a month. If the payment is not made on time, the Seller has the right to inform the Buyer by e-mail. by post, telephone, and in the absence of a reply or if the Buyer ignores the notifications, initiate the debt collection procedure and transmit the data to the debt collection company.



  1. The Seller undertakes to administer the Buyer's orders in accordance with the procedure set forth in these Rules, in compliance with these Rules and the Privacy Policy.

  2. The Seller undertakes to respect the privacy of the Buyer, to process the personal data of the Buyer only in accordance with the Rules, the Privacy Policy, and the legal acts of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union.

  3. The Seller undertakes to perform other obligations imposed on the Seller by the Rules and the legal acts of the Republic of Turkey.

  4. The Seller has the right to cancel his order without prior notice to the Buyer if the Buyer fails to pay or delays to pay the second installment for the purchased goods or services.


  1. The prices of goods and services on the website are indicated in euros, including the amount of VAT in force at that time and other taxes if needed.

  2. The Buyer may pay for the ordered goods and services by bank card, wire transfer, or electronic banking.

  3. The order is confirmed when the Seller receives payment for the goods or services.

  4. The Buyer must contact the Seller by email to receive the Invoice. email


  1. The Remote Training is purchased by the Buyer on the website and all their materials become available to the Buyer in the Account specified by the Service Provider. Upon receipt of the information letter, the Buyer may log in to the specified website immediately after the Seller receives payment for the service. Training records and other materials related to the Training purchased by the Buyer shall be available on the Training Website for a limited period of time until deleted or canceled by the Service Provider. The validity period of the training is determined by the Seller.

  2. The Buyer receives the login information to the Training to the e-mail address specified at the time of purchase.


  1. The procedure provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Turkey shall apply to the return of goods.

  2. If the buyer starts the order and does not complete it (does not pay), the purchase-sale transaction is considered not to have taken place.

  3. If the Buyers are provided with a money-back guarantee on the Website, the Buyer may use it within the specified period from the date of making the order/payment. In this case, the Buyer is refunded the full amount paid and the concluded Purchase and Sale Agreement and connections to the Training Website are terminated.

  4. Money can be returned within 14 days. only if the Buyer proves that the content of the purchased training did not correspond to the published information. The Seller has the right to refuse to return the money if the Buyer does not prove that the content of the training purchased by him\her did not comply with the information published by the Seller about it, provided in the training description and other means of disseminating information to the Buyer.

  5. In all other cases, the money is not refundable unless the Buyer and the Seller agree otherwise.


  1. The buyer is responsible for illegal actions performed using the Training website Filming, recording, or other copying and transfer of the author's training material to third parties are illegal actions for which the Buyer is liable under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

  2. In case of violation of the Rules, the Buyer's access to the Training website may be suspended indefinitely. Suspension of access means that the Buyer cannot log in to the Account.

  3. The registered Buyer is responsible for the storage and/or transfer of his login data (login name, password) to third parties.

  4. The Seller is relieved of any liability in cases where the loss results from the fact that the Buyer, despite the Seller's recommendations and its obligations, has not read these Rules and the Privacy Policy, although he has been given such an opportunity.


  1. All communications related to the purchase of goods and services are made through the contacts listed on the Website. In the event that the Buyer carries out the communication related to the goods or services in other ways, the Seller does not assume any responsibility and risk that may arise from such communication.

  2.  All disputes arising out of the implementation of these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. In case of failure to reach an agreement, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Turkey.

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