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Turkey, Fethiye

Turquoise Paradise

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Step into Breathtaking Nature and Unique Culture


It is located in the Aegean region in southwest Turkey. Charming Fethiye  will take your breath away with its natural beauty. A land of refreshing green and shades of blue. Magnificent mountain scenery is all around, the turquoise sea and stunning Blue Lagoon with paragliders in the sky.  Spectacular natural spots like Butterfly or Kabak valley will leave you speechless. 


A land of the diversity of culture. Every step is a remarkable discovery and an unforgettable experience. Turkish culture has its part of unique and interesting traditions in the world, influenced by many civilizations and history.



Fethiye once was known as Telmessos. It was an important city in the Lycian civilization. A land is full of rich multicultural history.  Every corner has its own story or tale to tell. Walking ancient paths will lead you back in time and you can feel the vibe of old cultures.



Turkish cuisine is one of the best you will ever taste. Delicious food every time and everywhere. Turkish people are really passionate about food. One of the richest cuisine known in the world with each region having its own specialties. A Fiesta for the

Senses in colors, flavors,
smells and textures.

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