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A new way to travel in 2020

I am a passionate traveler. If I can travel I do it. If I see a good deal to buy a ticket, it is not so important where... I will buy it and I will sit on the plane for new adventures, but…. nowadays travel is not really possible and who knows how it will be in the future with so many restrictions. I see people moaning about being at home, not being able to travel. Why not travel just in a different way?!

I love traveling but I find this time so useful too when we all actually can reflect and observe our travel experiences. Finally, to go through all these amazing memories we made through voyages.

I believe myself and a lot of people, have millions of photos and endless videos from places around the world. We got into the habit of taking pictures everywhere we go but how often do we actually look at those memories we made?

We have such an opportunity now to travel without moving from our coach. It is the time when we can travel through our memories and different cultures, countries, continents, and adventures. It's also a good opportunity to clean up your photo albums and have more space on your laptop. This what I wanted to do for the last 5 years but always didn't find the time. I believe a lot of people can relate to this. We say always one day but maybe the day arrived and two things can be done at the same time. First, travel in a new way today and remember how fortunate you are, and second, clear the space in your virtual world.

Me 10 years ago

It always felt for me like wasting my time going through all these old pictures because I knew I have sooooo many of them (there are so many that I need probably a few more months to check all of them properly). But actually I really enjoyed finding old photos which brought a smile to my face, some of it tears in my eyes. So many memories through years and understanding how far I have gone. It made me feel proud of myself and who I became. Maybe it's a good chance for you to realize how good actually you are doing in your life and that changes are happening whether you want it or not. It doesn't matter what's happening now in your life and in the world, it will change. Nothing stays the same forever and your memories can confirm it.

I saw some pictures of me 10 years ago, the girl with the same smile but no idea where she would be a decade later. A totally different life to what she imagined. Time to learn actually to live with no expectations and enjoy every day because who knows where we will be in 5 years' time. Possibly we have a plan where we want or imagine where we should go but sometimes life just changes your way and we start walking a new path. But we are all are heading the same direction to learn who we are and reconnect with the higher self again.

In the last 10 years, we all been so lucky to have the opportunity to travel more. I remember being 18 years old and just dreaming about travel. That time travel looked just for rich people and impossible, and then the decade of changes arrived. Now almost everyone travels. It became so normal that we don’t even remember that some time ago it was something not available to everybody. It's a good time to appreciate our experiences and notice how much we actually learned from the different countries and cultures, we had a chance to see. How beautiful the world is and we need to protect and save it not just for us but for future generations.

I made a short video about my first 2020 Journey through travel memories. Maybe it will become a new kind of way to enjoy our travel (or any other life event) experiences. Some of the countries really impacted my life and hopefully, now I will have the opportunity to travel through these memories deeper and tell more stories about my adventures and life experiences.

Who knows what will happen in the future, but let's open our hearts and surrender to this Planet Earth we call Home. Remember, we are all One and we all connected.

Let's jump on the plane through the memories and start our new journey today.




Love and Light

"Yoga with Eagle"

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Unknown member
Jun 01, 2020

What a good Blog and some brilliant photos. Memories and experiences are the best things to spend your money and time on 🙏. Now...when is that rainy day due so I can make a start on my photos 😉😁

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