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"Miško Laumių Puota"

Moterų Ratas

Women's circle
Feast of Forest Fairies

Nature therapy
🌸 Let's gather our lovely sisters together in the women's circle and celebrate life. Let's empower the feminine within us, and invite our Inner Goddess to come forth and share wisdom, experience, gratitude, love, light, and peace. Let's use the collective power and energy of a group of like-minded women to spread healing light and raise the vibration of the earth.
🌸 Women have been gathering in communities since time immemorial to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas, prayers, traditions, and rituals.
🌸What is a women's circle?
The Women's Circle is a safe space where women of all ages come together as sisters, where they can come to share their life stories, express the full range of emotions, and embrace the divine feminine, wisdom, and spiritual energy.

Image by Julia Caesar

This time, I invite you to join Mother Earth's invitation to gather together in the coastal forest and experience the magic of nature, going deep into your inner self through the wisdom of the Lithuanian land and the rituals and traditions of our ancestors. This will be a dynamic experiential ceremony where we will travel through the forest and the seashore through all the experiences to a deeper connection with the Goddess that lives within you. Together with all the elements and the spirit of the forest, we will allow our soul to unfold, but we will also collectively connect with Mother Earth and her healing energy. We will empower our being with confidence, going through heart and feelings. And of course, we will celebrate each other together with Pachamama. A feast is guaranteed for your Wild Woman.

There is no specific program in this meeting, everything will happen according to feeling and the guidance of nature. If you feel that your inner self wants to travel together in this experience, I invite you to trust your intuition. The forest will invite those who need this experience. There will also be mantras, mindfulness practices, bare feet, wild hair, nature feasts, and more. See you soon, my dear forest fairy, I will be waiting for you very much.

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Place: Forest
Time: August 23rd 6pm
How long 2-3 hours
Price: 22€

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